Welcome to Breck

When there’s snow in Breck, the pups come out

Snow have returned! And according to the forecast we are in for a real treat the next couple days. Thankfully, just in time to blanket Breck’s slopes with the start of our ski season’s base. The snow started falling this afternoon, increasing in intensity as the day came to a close. Since sundown the flakes have really started accumulating, so expect the morning scenery to have a white, glistening mask on.

Towards the end of the day, a family who just moved to Breck from Costa Rica took their dogs for a walk at the base of Peak 8. Not exactly being old, the weather in Breck was proving to be a bit of a surprise for the dogs, but they were happily intrigued none-the-less. While a little intimidated at first by the GoPro cameras we were using to film this bit, curiosity got the better of these dogs and eventually they were vying for control of the lens. This new local family included an eight year old boy, who was also fascinated with the new cold, wet substance. Luckily, he was bundled in the puffiest kid’s parka I’ve ever seen.

It was clear that the feeling of anticipation for the new ski season was enormous amongst these newly dubbed Breckenridge locals. Luckily for them, that is just around the corner! Breck opens next Friday, November 13.

Remember, you can save up to 30% on lodging if you book up to opening day! Don’t be the last ones to say you haven’t skied yet this year!

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