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Ripperoo’s happy this morning

Good Morning Breckenridge! And what a lovely morning it is. With a robust dusting of snow last night, the mountains were finally that perfect tinge of pure white, indicating to everyone that winter has finally arrived. As we saw just a few days back, no one is more excited about this than our snow-loving, ski-obsessed mascot Ripperoo the ski dog. We all know Ripperoo’s house is in the kid’s forest ski zone on Peak 9, but last night Rip had a feeling the morning views were going to be great, so he relocated to his Breckenridge overlook perch. After grabbing a hot cup of kibble coffee, rip went out on this balcony to check out the previous evening’s bounty. Content. The only word to describe our furry friend.

While the mountain Does look good to go, we still need a bit of time to get everything perfect for opening day. Which happens to be November 13, only sixteen days away! Now that it is cold enough our snowmaking teams are hard at work pumping the good stuff onto the hill. Lift Operations are firing chairs and dusting off the summer. Everything is almost in place for another legendary winter, here at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

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We can hardly contain ourselves over here. See you soon.

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