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Local Spotlight – Breckenridge artists

In the Local Spotlight series, we take a look at the people that make up Breckenridge. We explore both how the town has shaped their lives, and how they have contributed to the atmosphere of the town. Working in collaboration with GoBreck, “Who the Breck are you?” is the town of Breck’s contribution to the Local Spotlight Series.

In this episode we highlight two of Breckenridge’s local artists and their unique methods for capturing the natural beauty that surrounds them. We first meet Amy, who with a brush and a canvas creates stunning landscape paintings in her home studio, and in the field. Amy loves painting, as she finds it to be the best way to express the emotions she feels when presented with stunning scenes.

Next we meet Joe who, as opposed to Amy, prefers to work creatively with digital media. Joe is both a photographer and videographer and is pushing the limits of his landscape generation by utilizing a drone and GoPro camera. Joe likes working with digital because it gives him endless possibilities when creating concepts and modifying his favorite scenes.

One thing both artists can agree on is the fact that Breckenridge is the perfect place to live and hone their crafts. The breathtaking Colorado forests, changing seasons and dramatic mountains are constant sources of inspiration for the two alike. Both artists are also very appreciative of the fact that Breckenridge is also an excellent place to sell their works, as many of the town’s guest are equally infatuated with Breck’s natural beauty.

No matter what your creative outlet is, Breckenridge is the perfect place for artistic expression. People travel from all over the world to immerse themselves in the areas that surround our community. Now, creating your masterpiece is easier than ever with the development of the new Breckenridge Arts District. Located in between Main Street and Ridge Street, this small corner of town features facilities for every type of artisan including painting, digital, sculpture, metalwork and even tailoring. Both Amy and Joe agree the District has really brought a lot of artists together in town, and think its amazing that such resources are available to whoever feels the need to create.

Check out the Breckenridge Arts District next time your in town, and be inspired!

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