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Local Spotlight – Merrick, action athlete in the making

In the Local Spotlight series, we take a look at the people that make up Breckenridge. We explore both how the town has shaped their lives, and how they have contributed to the atmosphere of the town. Working in collaboration with GoBreck, “Who the Breck are you?” is the town of Breck’s contribution to the Local Spotlight Series.

In this episode, we highlight Merrick, and young local girl with a passion for the outdoors, and the many ways one experience it. Merrick’s parents, Marcy and Jason, met in Breckenridge, got married and had Merrick. They both view active outdoor lifestyles in the highest regards, and knew Breckenridge would be the ideal place to raise their child.

Obviously, getting Merrick into snow sports was the highest priority. With such experienced and active parents, her skills quickly progressed and these days she absolutely tackles the mountain on her snowboard. In the summer months Merrick is as active as ever. She likes to paddle board on the lakes in the area, and hit up the skate park with her friends. Recently she has gotten into mountain biking, with her and her best buddy Reed going out on the trails almost daily.

Even at her young age, Merrick knows and appreciates the benefits of the active lifestyle she leads. It’s impressive to hear how she talks about Breck, and how she even has plans to stay and raise her own family here! Breckenridge truly is a special place that provides some amazing and unique opportunities to the children who call it home.

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