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Local Spotlight – Murdoch the dog

In the Local Spotlight series, we take a look at the people that make up Breckenridge. We explore both how the town has shaped their lives, and how they have contributed to the atmosphere of the town. Working in collaboration with GoBreck, “Who the Breck are you?” is the town of Breck’s contribution to the Local Spotlight Series.

In this episode, we highlight our four-legged and furry locals. In particular, an Alaskan malamute named Murdoch. Murdoch and his owner and best friend Sarah live in Breck and work at Snow Caps Sled Dogs, just north of town. Snow Caps has 147 siberian huskies and run tours both winter and summer on backwoods trails. As the is no snow in the summer, the dogs pull customized golf carts, as well as off-road scooter called “digglers” for the more adventurous visitors.

While Murdoch does occasionally hook up with the team to pull sleds, he also greatly enjoys the other great amenities Breck offers dogs. From the dog park, to plenty of hiking trails, there’s endless fun to be had in Breck during every month of the year. Top to it off, Breck is so dog friendly that many of the shops in town allow dogs to enter, and even offer them treats for being well behaved. Something Murdoch has obviously mastered.

The people of Breckenridge volunteer much of their time to ensure our town and mountain are the absolute best places in the country to be a dog. Snow Caps is no exception. When a sled dog approaches it’s later years, it is offered up for adoption in the surrounding area. This gives the dog an excellent retirement with a loving family that understands and gives it the active lifestyle it deserves.

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