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Hitting the Trails on EpicPromise Day

Summer is here, and that has meant sunnier skies and warmer temperatures for Breckenridge. But just because summer is upon us doesn’t mean that Breckenridge Ski Resort’s EpicPromise program takes a break. During the summer, employees from all resorts in the Vail Resorts family dedicate volunteer hours to environmental restoration projects in their local communities. All of these efforts coalesce during the annual EpicPromise Day.

In a tradition dating back six years, Vail Resorts hosts EpicPromise Day every summer. The very first EpicPromise Day had 400 Vail Resorts employees volunteering along with their friends and families. Now more than 2,000 individuals join together each EpicPromise Day to work on projects in Vail Resorts communities all over the country.

EpicPromiseDay2014Last year, 250 EpicPromise volunteers from Breck and around Summit County helped the Town of Breckenridge kick off construction of a new multi-use trail called Wire Patch, located in the French Gulch area of Breckenridge. Wire Patch is a single-track trail that leads through an area of Breckenridge that was once full of wire gold. EpicPromise volunteers were able to build about 3,200 feet of trail last year, and the trail is scheduled to be completed later this summer. For this year’s EpicPromise Day, scheduled for Saturday, September 19, projects in Summit County will include campus cleanup projects at the Keystone Science School, as well as trail construction and rehabilitation projects in the Keystone Gulch trail system.

Fox1Summer is an amazing time to visit Breckenridge, and exploring hiking and biking trails around the Breckenridge Ski Area and in the Breck area is just as fun as cruising the resort’s ski runs in winter. Why not make your own EpicPromise to the Summit County environment we all love by spending a few hours volunteering while you’re here? If you’d like to give it a try, you don’t have to be a Vail Resorts employee to lend your sweat and muscle to trail work in Breckenridge, no matter if you’re 6 or 60 years old. The Town of Breckenridge hosts trail work days throughout the summer and this year, many of the work days involve finishing up the Wire Patch trail – you can lend your hand to something Vail Resorts employees helped start! Friends of the Dillon Ranger District often partners with Vail Resorts on trail projects in Summit County, and they welcome volunteers on many of their trail construction and maintenance projects. You can check out calendars on both the Town of Breckenridge and Friends of the Dillon Ranger District websites to see if you could join in on any of the work days. And even if you can’t get out and volunteer, the next time you’re navigating Summit County trails, remember all the volunteers who helped make those miles of meandering paths possible!

– Jess Hoover

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