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Peak 10 – The perfect day [video]

Breckenridge‘s five peaks offer a wide variety of terrain. There’s absolutely something for every skier and rider, whether it’s untouched powder, an immaculate park or endless corduroy. In the “Perfect Day” series, we will explore Breckenridge peak by peak, and ask some influential Breck figures why they appreciate their favorite hill.

In this fourth installment, we meet skiing legend CJ Mueller. John “CJ” Mueller moved to Breck in the 1970’s and has been a fixture in our community ever since. Along with being an Olympic racer, CJ became the fastest man on skis in 1982 when he reached speeds of over 130 mph. Nowadays, CJ prefers making turns to straight-up pointing it, and chooses to ski Peak 10 for his perfect day at Breck.

CJ starts his day by waking up and putting a quick coat of wax on his skis. His boots have been on the heater all night to ensure comfort and ease, and in no time at all he is packed up and in the car. CJ likes to load the Beaver Run chair early, so he can get over to Peak 10 for the beautiful morning groomers. He’ll start his day on Cimarron, which offers steep fast terrain with perfect corduroy carpet. From there the sky’s the limit with Crystal, Centennial and Double Jack. At mid-day when it’s time for a quick break, CJ loves to stop in at the TenMile Station where he gets a hot cocoa and can let his feet rest. In the afternoon, CJ points out the fact that the sides of the trails on Peak 10 always hold soft snow, and you can find fresh lines even at the end of the day

CJ loves Peak 10 for a number of reasons; He likes the fast, steep trails unique to this Peak. He has great memories of his daughter improving her skis in the trees and bumps. Mostly CJ is blown away at the amount Breck has changed since he first moved here. Looking down the TenMile Range, he is amazed thinking about how one could now ski from Peak 10 to Peak 6, and is excited to see what else the future brings to his home mountain.

Still looking for more on-mountain action? Peak 10 is only one of the five peaks that Breck offers to it’s guests. Stay tuned for more videos in the “Perfect Day” series!

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