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Breck’s Easter Egg Hunt [video]

This morning, Breck had a very special visit from everyone’s favorite snow hare, the Easter Bunny!

As the sun rose over Ten Mile Station’s Easter Sunday sunrise mass, the Easter Bunny was busy at work at the bases of Peak 8 and Peak 9 hiding thousands of Easter Eggs for all the little skiers and snowboarders to search out.

The hunt was on at 9:30am for kids ages 4 through 10 as they raced to each snatch up as many eggs as possible from the beginner’s slope lookers left of Rip’s Ride.

After all of five minutes, the big kids hunt was over, and it was time for the toddler’s egg hunt to begin. Kids ages 3 and younger picked their way through the toddler egg hunt area at the base of 5 Chair, filling their baskets to the brim, and throwing some back.

Throughout the morning, the Easter Bunny himself made an appearance to take photos, and welcome all the little kids to Breck.

-Nick Pease

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