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Peak 6 – The perfect day [video]

Breckenridge‘s five peaks offer a wide variety of terrain. There’s absolutely something for every skier and rider, whether it’s untouched powder, an immaculate park or endless corduroy. In the “Perfect Day” series, we will explore Breckenridge peak by peak, and ask some influential Breck figures why they appreciate their favorite hill.

In this third installment, we meet the Wehrman family. Raising their two daughters in Breck, Rex and Laurel are long-time Breck locals. Embodying everything that defines Breck, the Wehrmans are proud to have raised their children with a strong love for the mountains and for skiing. While we all know how busy family life can be, the Wehrmans always make sure to set apart some time to spend on the mountain together.

The Wehrmans start their ski days together by waking up and having breakfast together at home. With thirteen and nine year old girls, this is sometimes easier said than done! When everyone is finally loaded up into the car, they head to the gondola. Laurel prefers to get off the gondola at Peak 7, as she finds it a little more relaxed than Peak 8, and of course gets her and the family to their final destination faster; Peak 6.

The Wehrmans love Peak 6 for a number of reasons; They like it’s secluded vibe and the “wilderness” feeling Peak 6 provides over Breck’s four other peaks. They love the fact that Peak 6 provides intermediate terrain above tree-line, which is perfect for Laurel and her nine year old. In contrast Rex is excited about taking his thirteen year old up the hike to the top, and is consistently impressed with her ability to take the steeps and deeps. In essence, they think Peak 6 is the quintessential Colorado ski experience, with something for everyone in the family, regardless of how they want to ski.

Still looking for more on-mountain action? Peak 6 is only one of the five peaks that Breck offers to it’s guests. Stay tuned for more videos in the “Perfect Day” series!

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