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Georgia winter vs our winter [video]

Do you live in or around the state of Georgia? Well then you may be familiar with the scenes in the first half of this video. Georgia’s winters are typically peaches, but when snow does come to the south, it’s not pretty. Doesn’t winter seem better in a Colorado state of mind?

We mean, if you like mild temps, rain, and chaos in the off-chance of snow, stay in Georgia all winter long! However if you enjoy chairlifts as a commute and want to do more with the snow than push buses up hills, Breckenridge is your winter destination. Our five peaks offer all the terrain you could imagine; from perfectly groomed corduroy carpets, to power-packed chutes. And when your ski day is over, downtown offersamazing restaurants for friends and families alike, not to mention the most fun nightlife in the rockies.

The season is in full swing and there are plenty of weeks left to get in an amazing ski and snowboard trip! Book a vacation at Breck today!

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