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Introducing Epic Mix Guide [video]

So, you have just bought your lift ticket for the day and are riding your first chair up in the morning; now where do you go? While it may often be fun to explore new places and find the goods all on your own, it is often helpful to go with someone who has been there and done it before.

Introducing a new feature on Breck’s Epic Mix mobile app, Epic Mix Guide. Epic Mix Guide is your personal guide to navigating the mountain. With play-by-play directions on what lifts to take, what runs to ski, and detailed information about each to ensure the best navigation experience, Epic Mix Guide is your ticket to experiencing the mountain like a local.

Simply log into your mobile Epic Mix app, and navigate to the Epic Mix Guide feature. Select Breckenridge, which peak you are starting on, what difficulty of runs you would like to ski, and how much time you have. Epic Mix Guide will then create a custom itinerary, complete with color-coordinated directions and a map.

Once you start the guide, you will be provided with step-by-step directions on which lift to take, which ski run to follow, and even which direction you should exit off of the lift. You can also find information regarding the length of each lift, elevation gained, grooming information and even nearby amenities.

-Nick Pease


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