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Saint Patrick’s Day on Gold King!

This morning we heard scattered reports of a little green man skiing down Gold King on Peak 9 carrying with him what appeared to be a pot of gold.

We figured that if there was ever a day to see a leprechaun on skis at Breck, it would be on Saint Patrick’s Day. Naturally, with his unexplainable obsession with gold, our snow reporter took a run down Gold King this morning to investigate the leprechaun sightings and hope for some Irish luck in striking it rich with a pot of Breckenridge leprechaun gold.

All said and done, no pot of gold was ever recovered, and the sightings of a little green man on skis may have simply been those of our snow reporter himself, but no one can know for sure.

This town was founded on the prospect that there was gold in ‘dem hills and maybe with a little luck, you just may find your own Irish gold nuggets.

-Nick Pease

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  1. Could you do a post labeling all of the Lake Chute routes?

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