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“Aprés Ski, Please!” with Nick Pease: Maggie’s Roadhouse Pulled Pork Sandwich [video]

For the first episode in our “Après Ski, Please!” With Nick Pease, we travel to The Maggie Restaurant at the base of Peak 9, where head chef Glen LeBlanc has a really special dish in store for us.

This afternoon at The Maggie, Glen is going to show us how to make his famous Roadhouse Pulled Pork sandwich. Watch as the master chef prepares his dish right before our eyes, and for those of you at home, here are some key ingredients that make this dish happen.

To make the dry rub for the pork, mix chili powder, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder and salt and apply evenly to the pork.

You then put the pork into the smoker for 8 to 10 hours. Pull the pork; cook it over the stovetop in barbeque sauce and place on a fresh ciabatta roll. Top with a pineapple juice red cabbage coleslaw and enjoy!

With prime location at the base of Peak 9, The Maggie has become a popular hotspot for Après Ski and on mountain dining. Equipped with a vast patio overlooking the beautiful view of Peak 9 and 10, The Maggie is “Great for weddings, small get togethers, or if you just got done on the mountain and just want to have a frosty beer. This is the perfect place to hang out.” Says Charlie, the general manager.

The Maggie also offers an incredible Pub Club special for all their loyal customers where participants will receive their very own custom Maggie’s Mug that will earn them $3.50 Bud Lights, $1 off all Anheuser-Busch products, and $5.50 mimosas at any time of the day.

After your next day on the slopes, make sure to make your way down to The Maggie at the base of Peak 9 to have Glen serve you up your very own Roadhouse Pulled Pork that is always made with love.

-Nick Pease

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