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Meet Trygve Berge, founder of Breck [video]

Things looked a bit different around Breck in 1960. There was no ski lift or ski runs. Town had just a few shops and no pavement. Mining had been the primary industry in the area. Fast forward to 2015 and skiing is our main business and something we’ve put a stake in the ground around. That stake is almost entirely in part to the efforts of Trygve Berge, the co-founder of our ski resort. Berge was a Norwegian ski instructor who had relocated to Breckenridge and thought “man, I think we might be able to open a ski area here,” which lead to the Peak 8 Ski Area opening on December 16, 1961.

Learn more about Breck’s humble beginnings and Berge’s ingenious idea in the GoBreck/ Breckenridge Ski Resort co-produced “Who the Breck Are You?” video below.

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  1. Wow..

  2. I took lessons from Trygve in 1962- 120years old and never looks back!!! Great to see him on this video

  3. I've been to Voss!!!

  4. I bought some of Trygve's ski postera with him on it as well as a CD he also has of him skiing back in the 60's and it's very well done. I suggest you check it out and I'm sure he still has some to sell.

  5. Trygve, It's great to see you getting the recognition you truly deserve!!
    It's an honor to know you, your one my ski gods.

  6. Let's go along for a ride at Breckenridge Colorado

  7. Trygve is a true Hero. A Norwegian gentleman an incredible inspiration to all who love to ski, A good friend so what else could one wish except to say Thank You Trygve you deserve all the recognition for being you.

  8. Hei, Trygve. Long time. kunne være hyggelig å høre fra deg. Var i Telluride , Colorado for 2 uker siden og da tenkte jeg nå får jeg ta kontakt med min gamle venn. Håper du har det bra.
    nils j

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