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Run of the Day: E.S.P.

Want to know the quickest way to lose your Valentine’s sweetheart today? Put your date to the test with a quick lap down today’s very extreme Run of the Day. If they are still by your side by the time you both reach the bottom, they are a keeper!

Discover the power of your mind on today’s Run of the Day, E.S.P. This iconic line down the nose of The Six Senses chutes is one that will leave you hooting and hollering at the bottom as it opens up into a wide-open bowl run.

To access E.S.P. from the top of Kensho SuperChair, take the short ten-minute hike to the summit of Peak 6 at 12,573 feet. After your lungs recover, traverse the ridgeline past Serenity Bowl and into The Six Senses extreme terrain. Feel your chest throb as you peer over the edge at one of the steeper runs at Breck. Note: This run is not for the faint of heart!

-Nick Pease

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