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Run of the Day: Peak 10 to Peak 6

With last season’s addition of our newest Peak 6 terrain, Breck grew an incredible amount. This has not only provided that much more terrain for our favorite skiers and riders to enjoy, but has also created that much more terrain for our guests to navigate as well.

Yes, Breck is certainly a big place and that is a great thing because big mountains, wide open bowls and long tree runs just mean that much more room to play in! While there are many fun and creative ways to get from one side of the mountain to the other, but when you are up on Peak 10, lapping Mustang and The Burn, and you just get a call from your buddy that ski patrol just opened The Six Senses, getting to the summit of Peak 6 quickly becomes your only priority in life.


To take on the 40 minute 5 mountain challenge to reach the top of Kensho SuperChair in only two runs, follow the steps in our Run of the Day video and you will be shredding deep alpine powder on Peak 6 in no time.

-Nick Pease

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