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Breck Terrain Parks: Feature Update

After multiple days of warm, sunny weather and crystal clear blue skies, the terrain parks at Breck have been popping off like never before.

For the past couple months, our world-class park crew has been hard at work pushing, blowing, and raking snow up and down the Park Lane and Freeway Terrain Parks as they continue to build your favorite jibs, jumps and lines to be bigger and better than you have ever seen them before.

Just in time for the holiday weekend, Park Lane is completely open from top to bottom and has two triple jump lines and more jibs, rails, and wall rides than you will know what to do with.

Freeway Terrain Park has been running at full capacity since the end of Dew Tour and is equipped with two double jump lines, a rail-stair feature, and their infamous 22-foot superpipe.

With a total of six jumps, Park Lane Terrain Park boasts a whopping 33 rail, jib and bonk features, which can be hit from an infinitely larger number of angles. The terrain park crew never ceases to amaze with their seamless endless imaginations and the astounding creative flow with which features are placed and integrated into this world-class terrain park. For the month of January, Breck Parks has taken the iconic Breck wall ride and cut it into two pieces to form perhaps one of the wilder features to date; a 15-foot ā€œVā€ shaped wall ride-transfer feature. The stoke has not been lost on these guys.

We love what a great place Breck Parks has become for athletes of all abilities to learn, train, and genuinely have a great time in the mountains and we look forward to all the creative photo and video content our users generate. Get on that hype train and share the stoke!

–Nick Pease

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