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Ullr Fest: The Ullympics

Tuesday night, Breck witnessed an incredible feat of athleticism for the annual Ullympics at Carter Park in downtown Breckenridge. Yes, you heard us correctly. The Ullympics, a series of unique Ullr-esque competitions to see who is the ultimate odd-winter sports champion.BSRullympicsnickpease214

The evening kicked off at 7:00pm with team frying pan toss, where teams chuck household frying pans down the sidewalk in an attempt to land them as close to the bulls-eye as possible. Running simultaneously across the lawn were team ski races around the park, where teams of four, all attached to the same pair of skis, must walk in unison to navigateBSRullympicsnickpease218 their way across the snow covered grass, around the flags, past the other team, and back to the finish line. Following the frying pan toss and team ski races, came the sled relay race, where contestants must foot race opponents to the top of the sledding hill, then sledding back down before their next team member may start.

BSRullympicsnickpease222GoBreck.com put on this event, as well as the rest of the week’s Ullr Fest events. Fun times were had by all, Mr. Ullr himself and the Red Bull convertible DJ set truck were in attendance with music blaring, and free Red Bulls and foam glow sticks were given out to all those in attendance.

For those who missed out on the action last night, do not fret as there are many moreBSRullympicsnickpease215 Ullr events to attend for the remainder of the week including, a live talent show and public climate and weather summit tonight, the world’s longest shot ski, Ullr Parade, and bonfire party Thursday night, Comedy night and the Ullr bike race on Friday night, and wrapping up with the Wild and Scenic Film Festival on Saturday night at the Breckenridge Riverwalk Center.

With so many incredible activities planned, there is bound to be something for the whole family to enjoy. Head over to GoBreck.com for more on times, locations, and registration information.

–Nick Pease


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