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Snow reporting at Breckenridge Ski Resort


You’ve been doing your snow dance and sacrificing skis to the bonfire in the name of Ullr, and now it’s snowing. In fact, it’s been snowing all evening and if it keeps up, you’re contemplating calling into work with a fever and a cough. But how will you know if that precious sick day is worth taking? Here’s a quick look at how Breckenridge Ski Resort reports snowfall.

You can always walk outside the door to gauge snowfall, temperature, wind and clouds. Or, take the guesswork out of the equation and read Breckenridge’s daily snow report and be prepared for the day’s conditions, take off from work and take out the best ski, layering system and goggle lens.

Snow_Messaging_March_12_Full_Res_03The snow report process starts in the dark hours of the morning, around 5:00AM, when Vail Resorts’ communication center begins taking readings from the snow stakes of its many resorts. The process is specific to each mountain, but unlike some of the other resorts, the snow stake cam you see online at Breck is the same snow stake used to form the official report. These readings are taken from a mid-mountain location, located in the back bowls on Peak 8, near the bottom of 6-Chair at 11,237 ft. From the snow phone hotline (Snow Phone: (970) 496-4111), to snow message videos, online blogs, snow.com reports and lift statuses, the information provided by the communications center creates a variety of reports for you, all with the aim of creating the best possible day on the mountain.

Currently, Breck is at around 111% of average snowfall, according to Russ Pecoraro, Director of Mountain Communications. Although conditions are above average for the year, the snow report is also key when the snowpack is low. By providing guests with this information such as weather, base depth, terrain status and future snow forecasts, Breck aims to paint a picture of how to have a great day and vacation, especially when dealing with variables you can’t control.  “Our goal” states Russ, “is to help you have the best day possible.” whether dealing with powder-filled or adverse conditions, it all starts with “timely, relevant, transparent information on the front end.”

Breck snow stake camSo if it’s been a particularly snowy evening with no end in site, log online to watch Breck’s snowstake and sign up for the snow report to be delivered to your inbox at Breckenridge.com. Make sure to follow Breckenridge Ski Resort on Facebook and Twitter, and also follow @BreckConditions for the latest terrain and lift openings.

– Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson

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