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Change your Peak Time: your guide to I-70

For the past 30 years, snow sports enthusiasts have been able to enjoy the ease of traveling I-70 to reach their favorite ski resort destination. However, as more and more people make their way to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains each winter in search deep powder and bluebird sunny skies, even some of the best laid plans are no match for the sheer volume of skiers and riders who drive these highways each day.

“Fortunately, I-70 is congestion free the majority of the time and traffic is quite predictable, weather and accidents withstanding.” states goi70.com. Due to the fact that the majority of winter traffic on I-70 is due to skier volume, it is relatively easy to predict when and where there will be heavy traffic, and how to adjust your travel schedule accordingly to achieve a smooth, easy and stress-free winter travel experience.

Here are some of our top tips to change your peak travel time and get the most out of your visit to Breckenridge Ski Resort.

  •  Avoid the peak travel times. East bound afternoon traffic to the Denver area can build as early as 2:00pm, and stay backed up as late as 7:00pm. Today’s football game at Sports Authority Field kicks off at 2:40pm, the Broncos will take on the Indianapolis Colts and eastbound traffic is expected to be heinous as early as 10:00am. Take this time to relax, grab a beer, watch some football at a restaurant on Main Street, and share your stoke about your day on the hill with some friends over dinner.
  • Check the road and traffic conditions before you leave. Plan to leave early during winter storms and during holiday breaks. Check the message board above the gondola at Peak 8 or Download the CDOT Mobile app for up to the minute alerts and closures.
  • Take advantage of goi70.com’s Peak Time Deals where participating business offer discounts on everything from $1 coffees, to cheap hotel rooms to help avoid that gridlock headache.
  • Perhaps our favorite solution for avoiding the rush hour mess back to the Front Range is to simply stay and play longer in Breck. Book a hotel room Sunday night for only $109, enjoy another night in town, and make the drive early Monday morning to have the entire highway to yourself.

For additional tips and resources, visit goi70.com, and change your peak time!


–Nick Pease



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