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Seven safe ways to lose your tween in Breck

No matter how cool your teenager/preteen is, luckily he or she will have no trouble leaving the attitude at home while skiing and snowboarding. But for the sanity of the whole family, it’s also a big relief to have some off-the-mountain options for your child of a tricky age. Sorry, reform school doesn’t take kids by the hour (and we don’t actually have one around here), but there are plenty of fun, safe places kids can go while also (bonus!) getting out of your hair.

Downstairs at Eric’s
Not only does Eric’s have an enormous, affordable menu with everything edible in America ranging from rotisserie chicken to pizza but also has a full blown arcade. We are talking state-of-the-art pinball, standup video games, prize machines and skeeball. It’ll keep kids of all ages happy and hypnotized and also has an ample beer selection for the big kids.

Ullr FestivalUllr Bonfire
Jan. 11-17
If you’ve long since pictured your occasionally unangelic child in Viking horns, this is the place to see it come to fruition. Ullr is the Norse god of winter and naturally, we’ve worshipped him in Breck for decades. The 52nd annual Ullr Festival runs all week with an ice skating party, crowning of the king and queen, the Ullrympics at Carter Park (hilarious ski boot racing and frying pan toss), a talent show at The Riverwalk Center and it all culminates with the Ullr Parade on Main Street followed by a bonfire.

International Snow Sculpture Championships
Jan. 27 to Feb. 8
This spectacle is definitely worth checking out no matter your age. The greatest snow artist teams from around the world descend upon Breck with saws and ice picks and in 65 hours convert their giant (12-foot-tall, 20-plus ton) block of snow into a masterpiece – a pack of wolves, a fairy, an infinite pretzel … you name it. The creativity is astounding and sometimes teams pull all-nighters etching in their final details. With a shotgun start the snow begins flying at 11 a.m. Jan. 27 and finishes at 10 a.m. Jan. 31. Sculptures are on display and free to view through Feb. 8 in the lawn around the Riverwalk Center.

Fire Arts Festival
Jan. 31 to Feb. 7 
Not what you’d expect to encounter here in wintery Breck, the first annual Fire Arts Festival sets Breckenridge Arts District ablaze with flaming and glowing sculptures as well as blacksmith forging, wood and raku firing demonstrations, indoor candle making and silversmithing workshops, plus hot performances involving fireballs and live DJs. The workshops are all day and evening and DJs/performances take place at dark at Breckenridge Creative Arts on the corner of S. Ridge St. and Washington Ave.

Creative art workshops
From monoprinting to earring making, there is an incredible variety of class and workshop options for the artistically inclined of all ages at Breck Create.

Speakeasy movie theater
The Speakeasy is back! Located in the former Colorado Mountain College building on Harris Street, the theater – concession stand and all – has screenings of a newish film (Wild, Birdman, Boyhood and The Imitation Game are on the way) every two weeks at 3, 5:30 and 8 p.m. daily.

One Ski Hill Place bowling alley
One Ski Hill Place in Breckenridge, COThis is not your typical bowling experience, people. First of all, there are only two lanes, decorated to look like a mineshaft, and the pins are set in cave. The entire lodge is paradise for families thanks to its warm indoor pools and movie room, but the private bowling alley – complete with shoe rentals and access to the full Living Room menu, delivered to you as you bowl – is truly one of a kind. The alley is prioritized for Rock Resorts guests but reservations can be made at (970) 547-8800.

– Shauna Farnell

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