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Epic Mix Racing

Challenge your friends and family to an alpine race of epic proportions.

This season, not only can your challenge yourself and your friends on out Epic Mix race course, but you can track your times, see your progress, and put your downhill racing abilities to the test as you take on four time overall World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Lindsey Vonn.

Lindsey Vonn is the most decorated ski racer in American history, so it’s no wonder that her time is hard to beat. Race ten or more times during the 2014/2015 season, and you qualify! Your top ten races will be used to calculate a score based upon their percentage behind Lindsey. The score will be set to 200 points if the racer ties Lindsey’s time for the course and will go down from there as their seconds behind Lindsey increases. The most a racer could earn for the 10-race Lindsey Vonn Race Series is 2,000 points.

Breckenridge’s Epic Mix Race Course is located on Peak 9 on Sundown trail. To access the Epic Mix racing, take Beaver Run SuperChair from the base of Peak 9 and follow the signs that will direct you to the racing location. Races cost six dollars per race, and may be repeated as many times as you like to better your race time.

The race attendant will scan your pass to track your stats, then off you go! Race as fast as you can to try and beat Lindsey’s time, and when you are done, log into your Epic Mix account online to see your stats.

If you have not checked out the Epic Mix Race series yet this season on Peak 9, now is the time! Head on over to Sundown, where you can compete against yourself, your friends, and your family to earn medals and have fun!

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