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Family run of the week: Claimjumper

Family fun and learning has found its home on Peak 7.

When Peak 8 gets the crowds, and Springmeier and Four O’ Clock start to get inundated with people, sometimes it is nice to have a spot to take your family where the run is open from tree line to tree line and stands as one of our longer runs on the mountain.

To access Claimjumper, take Independence SuperChair from the base of Peak 7. As you unload, make sure to get your family’s photo taken by one of our incredible Epic Mix photographers. They can bee found by their bright green Epic Mix outerwear. After you are done skiing for the day, retrieving your photo is as easy as one, two, three, clicks of the mouse on your home computer.

After our Epic Mix photographers have left you with many professional memorable photos of your family, follow signs to the south that will guide you down Claimjumper all the way to the base of Peak 7 or Peak 8.

There are many rollers dotted along Claimjumper’s length, which can be a lot of fun but also can make it difficult to see beyond them. We ask that you obey all slow and warning signs on the hill, and use caution when skiing or snow boarding over the rollers on Peak 7. There could be someone fallen on the other side and we would like all our guests to have an amazing time and avoid any accidents during their stay here at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

After you have made your long descent down Claimjumper, stop into the Ski Hill Grill to replenish the family’s energy and fill up on some truly fantastic food while you’re at it. Ski Hill Grill is located inside of One Ski Hill Place at the base of Peak 8.

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