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Your top 5 ways to have a fun and safe holiday week at Breck

As everyone is getting ready for Christmas next week, we caught up with Ski Patrol member, Will Barrett, to get his take on how to get the most out of your holiday vacation to Breck. This is Will’s list of the top five ways to make sure you and your family have a fun and safe holiday week.

 1. Be cautious in all slow zones.

  • We have a few trails, which are designated slow zones on each peak. In addition, the bottom of every lift is a slow zone. One thing to keep in mind with slow zones is that we want you to not only be skiing in control, but skiing slow as well. This is a misconception that a number of people have about slow zones.
  • A great way to look at our slow zones is that you should be skiing with the flow of traffic. If you are going faster than the flow of traffic, then you are likely going too fast for that area.

2. Your next key to a successful day on the hill is to always remain in open terrain.

  • Keeping in mind the fact that it is still early season here at Breckenridge, there are still parts of the mountain that have not yet been opened for the season. There are also parts of the mountain, which may open and close periodically due to weather or avalanche conditions. These can often be seen around the mountain in the form of an entry gate. We ask, that in order to ski these zones, that skiers and riders enter through that access gate only. If the gate is closed, that means the entire run is closed, so please, do not duck ropes and obey all signs. Failure to do so may result in loss of skiing privileges. “Please understand that we want to open as much of the mountain as possible, and if we have terrain closed, then it is closed for a reason. That could be anything from avalanche conditions, to having snow making equipment in the middle of the run.” Said Will.

3. Be responsible for making your own decisions.

  • We want all our guests out there to be making good conscious decisions, but all too often we see that a guest will make a decision based of what they see another guest do, which can land you into trouble.

4. Know your limits.

  • This one is as simple as knowing, and being comfortable with your own abilities. Avoid terrain that is too difficult for your skill level, and respect your own boundaries.

5. Ask questions!

  • Finally Will says, “If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to stop into any patrol office to ask.” There are Ski Patrol offices located all over the mountain at all bases, lodges, and in many huts which are located at the top of major lifts, and any one of our amazing patrollers would love to answer any question you may have.


Get out there skiers and riders! The mountain is waiting for you!

-Nick Pease

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