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Powder day at Breck

Powder day alert at Breck!

As we wrap up another successful Dew Tour, Ullr has been kind enough to bless us with some new snow just in time for the holidays.

The snow started falling late last night and deposited six inches of the fresh stuff onto our snow stake by 5am. While the men’s ski and snowboard slopestyle finalists were getting warmed up to throw double cork 1080’s of the jumps later this morning, we took the opportunity to make some turns in the steep and deep.

Our snow reporter, Nick Pease took a ride up chair 6, from where he was able to drop over the ridge of Upper Four O’ Clock run into a completely untouched Contest Bowl. The snow was so light and fluffy as we made our way down the run, and there were face shots of powder abound.

Snow is forecasted to continue falling all day and with storms like these, this winter just keeps getting better and better. We are so excited to be skiing all this awesome terrain this early in the season, and we cannot wait to open more terrain soon.

After your legs are burning from skiing all that incredible powder, make sure to get your extreme sports fix as the Dew Tour wraps up it’s final day of competition here at Breck.

Men’s ski slopestyle finals are from 11am to 1pm today, and men’s snowboard slopestyle finals will run after from 2pm to 3:30pm. Spectating is free, so we invite you to join us at the base of Peak 8 to watch the world’s top athletes compete for their spot on top of the podium. Tune into NBC to see live coverage as the action unfolds.

–Nick Pease

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