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Satisfy your hunger at The Maggie Restaurant
Satisfy your hunger at the Maggie Restaurant

It is time to bask in all the glory that is après ski! Sitting at the base of Peak 9 is a mountain favorite, The Maggie Restaurant. For the 2014-2015 season, The Maggie is revamped, with new management and a new sound and lighting system. You’ll have an entirely new post-ski day ritual at Breck with these incredible improvements. We sat down with the new General Manager, Christina Harmon, to find out the Maggie-ness that is going to make this winter’s scene at the base of Peak 9 an incredible experience.

No ski day is complete without a little caffeine, right? Get your morning started off right by visiting Maggie’s Mug, a new coffee shop across the hallway from the restaurant that proudly brews Starbuck’s Coffee.

With their new sound and lighting system, Christina says the Maggie Restaurant will hold live music every Friday and Saturday from 3- 6 in the afternoon. It all starts with the band, The Sun Downers, this Saturday, Dec. 6. The Sundowners are a local band that is just perfect to listen to with a fresh beer in hand and a plate of nachos to be scarfed.

This Saturday, Dec. 6, the Maggie will also be rolling out The Maggie’s Pub Club. For $30, you get your own mug and daily specials, all season long. That means while everyone else has to wait until 3pm to get après ski/ happy hour deals, you will have access to that pricing all day long.

Also new this season, are fresh squeezed mimosas, as in, your drink was an actual orange just a few hours before touching your lips. And while you order your drink of choice from our full service wait staff, be sure to ease the hunger of you and your fellow skiers and riders with an order of Maggie’s Loaded Nachos. This mountain of goodness is sure to satisfy your entire crew.

-Nick Pease

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