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Until recently, I thought of all-women sports instruction as the purview of the “You go, girl!” set—a little too cheerful and (I feared) light on the actual instruction. How wrong I was. It took taking an all-women’s extreme skiing camp last year to realize that the support, the enthusiasm, and, yes, the tips and techniques of an all-female camp was just the recipe I needed to screw up enough courage to launch off a 10-foot cliff. It wasn’t just that I learned a lot of technical skills. The camaraderie of my fellow women skiers was key. There’s something special about a group of women coalescing around a common goal, heading into the elements, and, well, getting ‘er done.

The good news is Breckenridge has a range of options for women-specific instruction, which you can read about below. If you’re wondering whether these camps or classes are for you (particularly if you, like me, love skiing or riding with the boys and have never felt intimidated in a mixed group), ask yourself this: what could possibly not be awesome about gathering a group of like-minded women and setting them loose on one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world?

Women in SkiingWomen’s Camp

By women, for women. This popular camp splits participants into groups by level and goals for three days. This consistent immersion combined with the synergy of the instructors and participants is one reason women return year after year.
Info: Two sessions (Jan 23-25; Feb. 20-22); $699 for 1 day, $1,398 for 3 days; Make a reservation now.

Small Group Lesson

Forget spa day and gather three of your besties for a small group lesson. Breckenridge’s Ultimate Four combines the cost-savings of a larger group with the intimacy and specialized instruction of a private. With only four students per class, you’re guaranteed to get individualized instruction.

Info: Maximum flexibility—no set dates; Prices start at $276 per person; Click here for reservations.

Private Lesson

When’s the last time you did something entirely for yourself? Chances are it was a while ago. Remedy that by treating yourself to a private lesson where you’ll spend the day with an instructor entirely devoted to honing your technique and taking you to the next level. Or, bring along five friends as a private lesson is happy to fit up to 6 people!

Info: Prices start at $599 for a half day; Click here for reservations.

Breckenridge Guides

You know the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? Change that to “Black Diamonds,” find a few like-minded ladies, and book a lesson/excursion with Breck Guides. Participants will learn about basic avalanche awareness as well as have an expert guide taking them through the mountain’s best advanced terrain. Groups are limited to six participants per guide and you must be able to ski or ride expert terrain.

Info: $525 for half day; $695 for full day; Click here for reservations.

Ski Girls Rock SkiGirlsRock

OK, this is geared toward your daughters and not you and your girlfriends. Still, it’s a worthwhile program designed by Olympian and World Champion Lindsey Vonn to teach girls ages 7-14 technical skills while building self-esteem and empowering them through sport. Groups are limited to four students and are led by top women instructors.

Info: Length can vary from 1-3 days with sessions Jan. 17-19 and Feb. 14-16; $292 per day; Click here for reservations.

— Rachel Walker

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