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Where to see the leaves change this fall in Breck


It’s the time of year where the season changes from summer to fall, and leaves come bursting into vibrant colors of yellow, red, and gold. Breckenridge offers a wide-range of trees that change colors in autumn including Cottonwoods, Aspens and more.

Due to the high elevation (the town of Breck sits at an elevation of 9,600 ft) and general colder-than-the-rest-of-the-state temperatures, the fall color change can happen earlier than in most areas across the country. It’s not uncommon to see trees changing colors at the end of August, and by the start of October – those vibrant fall colors will be in full-swing!

Breck is a perfect town to view the color change, and offers multiple spots for those aspiring fall photographers, thanks to the wide-range of hiking and biking (and skiing!) trails, and numerous hike-able peaks. Since Breck just received its first snow, you’d better hurry. The tree colors will be peaking in the next few weeks, and trees will begin to lose their leaves quickly.

Below are our favorite places to view the “fall peepage”  in and around Breck:

Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge Gondola in the fallThe ski resort offers year-round views, regardless of the season. The Summer Fun Park is still open for another week, and offers a unique chance to get to the top of Peak 7 without hiking. For just $10 you can ride the Independence SuperChair up the mountain, and enjoy a leisurely hike down at your own pace (there are also guided hikes available). Multiple trails are accessible from the top of the lift, so make a day of exploring the mountain. Check Breck’s Mountain Cams before you head out to get an idea of the colors you will see at the resort.

Hoosier Pass

A 20 minute drive from the town of Breck – the top of Hoosier Pass offers unparalleled views of multiple 14ers, and of course fall foliage. Hoosier Pass sits at 11,542 ft, and from the entrance you can find numerous hiking and off-road trails. While there, check out some of the trails in the area that lead to the top of a 14er – while you will be above treeline, you’ll be able to look down and see fall colors for miles!

The Town of Breck

Why leave the beautiful town of Breck when there are color changes happening right there? Breck’s town offers fall viewers numerous photo opportunities to capture the town, mountain, and leave changes all in one photo. The amazing shopping and dinning opportunities are just a bonus.

Boreas Pass

Just a short drive out of Breck, Boreas Pass is a favorite of visitors for its amazing color changes and breathtaking views of the TenMile Range. You can find people taking photos from Boreas Pass year-round as well… but the fall offers the perfect shot of groups of Aspens that have turned orange, set to the backdrop of the TenMile range. You can get there in 5 minutes from town, so it really is a must visit spot.

Follow the Blue River

Blue River flows from the town labeled after it, and into the town of Breck. Aspens and other local trees line its banks, and make for some amazing views during the fall. Pictures of the fall colors set against the flowing river are some of our favorite shots each season. Enjoy the water before it freezes over for the winter.

Placer Valley & Alma

Just a little beyond Hoosier Pass lies the neighborhood called Placer Valley. Enjoy the quiet area with views of multiple 14ers and a relaxing stream. The drive from Placer Valley to the small town of Alma is lined with patches of Aspens… find a safe spot to pull off, and explore both the town and Placer Valley.

Have you been to the Breck area and taken any fall photographs before? Share them in the comments below, or let us know if there are other places you like to go to take your color-change photos!

– Tony Cooper

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