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Local Spotlight – Randy Veeneman [video]

In the Local Spotlight series, we take a look at the people that make up Breckenridge. We explore both how the town has shaped their lives, and how they have contributed to the atmosphere of the town. Working in collaboration with GoBreck, “Who the Breck are you?” is the town of Breck’s contribution to the Local Spotlight Series.

In this episode we talk to Randy Veeneman, a Breckenridge native, family man and angler. You may remember Randy from his Employee Spotlight a few months back: Employee Spotlight – Randy Veeneman, where his love for Breckenridge’s mountains were showcased. Now that its summer, Randy has switched gears from driving his cat, to spending time on the local rivers. Randy is a huge angler and has traveled around the world looking for the best fishing spots. However, he keeps Breckenridge as his home base because of the sheer diversity of the waters the flow through and around the town.
For Randy, fishing is the perfect outlet to reflect and truly appreciate being in the moment.

Randy is also proud to be raising his two children in Breckenridge; in fact they go to the same elementary school he went to as a boy. Giving his children the opportunity to experience the gorgeous wilderness that surrounds Breck brings everything he loves about our community together.

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