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How to pack for a Breck Wedding (and why you should stay a few days after they say, “I do.”)

Wedding in Breck

There’s a saying we folks who live in the high country like to toss around with frequency: “If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes and it will change.”

That might be amusing to those who actually live in Breckenridge and have a house with a closet full of clothes and gear to buffer the fickle weather. But if you’re coming to the Tenmile range for a summer vacation or a wedding, chances are you’ve got one carry on and a lot of questions.

So what do you need for a wedding in Breckenridge? Assuming you are neither the bride nor groom (and thus are not in need of a formal gown or tux), the answer is simple: one nice outfit, two pairs of shoes, a multitude of layers, and a few essential extras.

Before we start stuffing your suitcase, answer one question: are you planning on extending your weekend into a longer trip (there is only one right answer here, which is, obviously, yes). We’ve tacked on a supplemental packing list at the end for people like you.

Essential Packing List for a Breckenridge Summer Wedding

For the actual wedding

  • Outfit you’ll wear to the wedding. Chances are it’s a casual affair, particularly if it’s outside on the mountain. That means anything goes—from a Patagonia sundress to a gorgeous silk shift bought from a boutique in SoHo. If you’re female and are wearing a summer dress, bring a wrap or a sweater for when the sun goes down. When that big ball of fire leaves, the world gets cold. Fast.
  • Shoes. If the wedding is outside, please, please, please do your feet a favor and don’t wear heals (unless those heels are short and are attached to cowboy boots, in which case, that’s completely awesome and acceptable.) Heels sink into the ground and are a recipe for a sprained ankle.
  • In terms of how formal to dress, check with the wedding party. There are black tie weddings at altitude, or black tie rehearsal dinners. But more often there are casual, all-inclusive BBQs or gatherings where jeans and a button down shirt or blouse are fine.

Breck Wedding at TenMile Station


For the hours between the wedding

  • Comfortable, casual active wear. If you’re planning on hiking or running, bring both pants and shorts, as the temperature fluctuates wildly depending on time of day. Around town and at the hotel, mountain town dress code is casual. Very casual. Flip-flops and baggy shorts and t-shirts—for everyone!
  • Bathing suit. Nothing is quite as peaceful as enjoying the view of jagged peaks from a hot tub, which your hotel probably has.
  • Sturdy shoes. Hiking shoes, running shoes, hiking boots. Whatever you pick, make sure they have good tread and a stable heel
  • Visor or baseball cap
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • At least one warm sweater or fleece
  • Waterproof shell
  • Wool socks


  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Small backpack for day hikes
  • Extra hat
  • Bug spray wipes
  • Small first aid kit

If you extend your stay

Women mountain biking BreckenridgeAs mentioned above, you should extend your stay. Trust us. If you don’t, you will arrive, look around, and kick yourself for not taking a few more days off of work to enjoy this beautiful place that you may not have even known about (make a mental note to thank the bride and groom for getting hitched here.) There’s tons of things to do in Breck in the summer, including the Summer Fun Park. In terms of clothing and gear, you won’t need much more, but you might need more of it. Consider throwing in an extra pair of pants or another shirt. And if there’s some mountain activity you’ve always wanted to do, like mountain bike or fly fish, make sure to bring your favorite bike shorts or fishing vest (if you have one).

-Rachel Walker

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