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My top five Breck Summer Fun Park activities

Breck Gold Runner Coaster

Maybe you’ve heard the ski slopes equated to “a giant playground.” Although the snow has been replaced by lush grass and wildflowers this time of year, the playground status is only amplified.

Breck’s Summer Fun Park boasts a huge variety of activities for everyone in the family. Mountain biking or taking a guided hike, off-road segway or 4×4 tour allows you to cover a lot of ground AND learn something about those flowers and area wildlife, while a scenic lift ride from Peak 7’s Independence Superchair is a relaxing way to appreciate the surrounding beauty from a bird’s eye view. Children are hypnotized for hours gemstone panning, duck racing and finding their way through the Mineshaft Maze.

But given our mountain playground sensibility, some of us are forever fixated with going faster and higher. Are you a fellow thrill seeker? If so, here are the Fun Park’s best adrenaline options:

1. TenMile Flyer Zipline
If you like bombing down the slopes on boards, you really have to try hitting 45 mph as the grass and trees become a blur 50 feet beneath you. Strap on the harness, step off two stages and fly down the line eating up vertical in a whole new way on Peak 8.

Coaster_Jack_Affleck_Small2. Goldrunner Coaster
Starting high on the slopes just under the zipline, the Goldrunner is the only alpine coaster in all of Colorado. Ride alone or as a pair and let the car fire down the track at full speed or hit the brakes if you must as you spiral and dip through the pines.


3. Alpine Superslide
Starting under 5-Chair midway up Peak 8, choose the fastest of three slides, hop in your sled and race your friends through dips and around bank turns.

Bungee_Liam_Doran_Small4. Superbungee trampoline
Just because small kids look like a human slingshot when they get on this thing doesn’t mean big kids can’t catch air, too. The sense of weightlessness will have you kicking desperately for solid ground as you launch 20 feet above the rubber, using the ropes for high-flying back flips if you can stomach it.

5. Rockpile Climbing Wall
It’s time to tackle the more strenuous side of gravity. Although you’re safely harnessed in, once you crawl to dizzying heights choosing your hand and foot holds carefully, if you happen to become one of the few to reach the very top of the vertical tower looking down upon Peak 8’s base area, it’s guaranteed your heart will be pounding.

-Shauna Farnell

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