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A day in the life of a Summer Day Camper

The following was written by our Summer Day Camp participants and their counselors:

“Today, I went to the Breck Summer Day Camp, and I had the best day! When I first got to camp, I got to meet the coolest counselors; Chris was supper tall and really goofy, Patty loved to sing songs with us, and Kaitlin was a blast on all the Epic Discovery rides.

We started out our morning making rain sticks. We used paper towel rolls, nails, and beans. We decorated the paper towel roll with cool designs, put beans in one end, and taped both sides shut so when you moved them they sounded like it was raining.  We had a rain stick party where we all played together – and soon the clouds started to roll in. Maybe our rain sticks were summoning a change in weather! We all thought it was going to rain, but just as fast as the clouds arrived, they left and they skies were all blue again.

Once all of the campers showed up, we headed off. We had so much fun – we rode the Gold Runner Coaster and screamed all the way down. The coaster was so exciting that we went three times in a row! Since the coaster was such a blast we though the Alpine Slide would be just as much fun, if not more. We went so fast down the slide, it was the most fun I’d ever had. I told Chris that he has the best job because he gets paid to have fun all day.

VailResorts_BRK6631_Bob_Winsett_CompAfter all the excitement at Epic Dsicovery, we rode up the Independence Chairlift on peak 7 and went on a hike in a massive forest on the mountain.  On the chairlift we saw a tree that looked like a bear leaning up against a tree eating cotton candy on stick. I wonder if my Mom will believe that was saw that silly bear. As we were hiking, we came across huge snow fields and just had to stop and play in the snow. We found rivers flowing down from the snow, so we followed them all the way down to Ski Hill Grill where we were having lunch.

At the Ski Hill Grill we told some of our favorite stories and chowed down on some tasty food. I had the hamburger but my friends had hot dogs and mac & cheese; they all looked super yummy.

After lunch, we headed back to the Kids Kastle where we built boats out of wood. We then went out back and raced our boats down the little river. We wanted to find more places to race, so we head up the mountain to look for more streams. We found many little streams, but not all of them were wide enough for our boats. Once we found a stream that was wide enough we built a little dam because we did not want our boats to sail away.

VailResorts_BRK6586_Jesse_Starr_CompNext, we journeyed back to the Kids Kastle and made sand paintings for the rest of our day. This was very relaxing, and we soon had so much energy we decided to make one last trip out to the bungee trampolines in the Fun Park. The next thing I knew my mom was waiting for me and it was time to go home. Chris told my mom about all the cool things we did and showed her all the projects me made and I begged my mom – ‘Mom can I please come back tomorrow?’

Mom said I fell fast asleep on the way home.”

-2014 Summer Day Camp


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