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Gear you need to mountain bike in Breck


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Mountain biking has become one of my favorite activities to do here in Breckenridge during the summer. I started to really get into mountain biking about  four years ago, and I love it! It is a way to see the mountains here in a totally different way during the summer. Whenever you go mountain biking, you need to bring a lot of gear to make sure you have the best ride.

A no brainer is a lot of water, as you are riding anywhere from 9,000 to 12,000+ feet above see level, and water will be your best friend. Additionally, a decent set of biking shorts, and good helmet are both a must.

The Peaks Trail in Breckenridge

Also, it comes with the name “Rocky Mountains” that the terrain can be pretty jagged and bumpy. Which can lead to a lot of flat tires. Always bring a couple spares and all the right tools to change a flat tire. I always have a hand held multi-tool called a Tire Lever, which has various sized allen wrenches, this could be the single most important tool you bring on a ride. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere walking down the mountain with your bike over your shoulder, not fun.

Like always in Summit County, bring something warm, and something water proof, you never know what you will run into. Last, make sure you have a GoPro so you can brag to all your friends back at work or home about how awesome this place is!

— Eric Willett

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