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GO, DOG, GO! Summer dog sledding in Breck

Breck Golf Cart Dog Sledding in Summer

There are dogs, and then there are sled dogs. The latter are breeds unto themselves: hearty, strong, lean. They’re team players and loyal, governed by a pack hierarchy and bred for the thing they love most: running.

But you knew that. You probably even knew you could take a dog sled tour in Breckenridge in the winter, right? Of course.

But did you know you could take a dog sled tour in the summer in Breckenridge?

True story.

sleddogcloseupThe dogs at Snow Cap Sled Dogs require year round training, and the folks over there have developed innovative harnesses and “sleds” (think everything from golf carts to scooters to bikes) for their eager canines to pull.

Given that so many of the Breckenridge visitors want to immerse themselves in the area’s back roads, this set up is ideal. For a reasonable price, you can get a dog assist and explore some of Breck’s less traveled paths.

I know. You’re still trying to wrap your head around the idea of a dog sled tour in the summer. I was, too. So I did a little investigating and here’s what I found out. The tours range from a simple “Yard Tour” that costs $20 per person to gentle “Cart Tours” (this is what I’ll be doing with my toddler and preschooler; cost is $60 for adults and $45 for children) to epic adventure “Scooter Tours” ($75 per person). Here’s what the tours entail:

Meet the Mutts, a.k.a. “Yard Tour”

Dog sleddingThe activity begins with a guided kennel tour where visitors pet the dogs, meet the puppies, decide to quit their jobs and become dog mushers, come back to reality and just pet the puppies a little more, and ask all sorts of questions of their guides.

Better than the Putting Green, a.k.a. “Cart Tour”

Who doesn’t love a golf cart? Actually, that doesn’t matter, because even if you love golf carts, you will love them a heck of a lot more after this tour. After touring the kennel, you can watch the guides harness the team onto the cart and then experience the power of a pack of dogs trained to run. You’ll also travel through some very scenic areas with vistas of the surrounding mountains and along roads bordering high mountain rivers. Think of it as a Rocky Mountain Safari meets Arctic exploration in the midst of wildflower season.

Dog Scootin’ Boogy, a.k.a. “Scooter Tour”

Scooter Dog Sledding in SummerFor the truly intrepid, this tour takes guests out on…yep, you guessed it: scooters. In this option, it’s you and the dogs, so you have to have a certain level of athleticism and adventurousness.

Tempted yet? You’re not alone. Read the company’s testimonials, and you’ll discover that many a Breckenridge tourist has stopped by the kennel for an adventure. This is a fun and educational experience that suits the entire family. Not only will you travel in one of the most unique modes of transportation, you’ll learn a lot about the dogs that pull sleds and the people who care for and train them.

And it’s possible you may take away even more than that, as one former guest wrote in her testimonial:

We visited Snow Caps in August ’09 and had the time of our lives! We didn’t anticipate leaving with such a large souvenir, but are so glad that we did! We adopted Sea Breeze one of the retirees.

Indeed, retired sled dogs are available for adoption. What more could you ask for?

If You Go:
Website: Snow Caps Sled Dogs
Cost: Ranges from $20 to $75 per person depending on the tour.
Reservations required? Strongly suggested. Tours are expected to launch in early June. Check the website for more details.
Contact: 303-453-7855


All images courtesy Snow Cap Dog Sleds.


-Rachel Walker

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