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Six reasons I love Peak 6

Why I love Peak 6 at Breck

Peak 6 is the newest and largest ski resort expansion in over a decade. Featuring Breckenridge Ski Resort’s first above-treeline blue terrain, not only is it a great experience for intermediate skiers and riders, it also features some of the most challenging extreme terrain for experts. Below are six reasons that I love Peak 6 and why you should check it out the next time you are skiing or riding in Breck!

1. Exploring New Terrain

Although I had accessed Peak 6 via the backcountry access gate in past seasons, the amount of new terrain opened up through the expansion really blew me away. It’s been amazing to discover new runs and ride the entire ridge of Peak 6 in areas that would not be accessible without the benefit of Breckenridge’s avalanche control work.

2. The View

Why I love Peak 6 at BreckFrom the moment you are swept away on Kensho Superchair you are surrounded by gorgeous snow covered pines and begin to catch a glimpse of the terrain along with open space stretching down the Ten Mile Range towards Frisco. Once you break the treeline, the full scale of the Peak 6 Ridgeline highlighted by the Six Senses comes into view and it’s hard not to contemplate the power and beauty of nature at it’s finest.

3. Variety

I love Breck’s high alpine terrain and take full advantage of it. The fact that Peak 6 terrain varies from Intermediate, Groomed Terrain to expert and extreme terrain means I have been able to share the above treeline experience with my parents, friends and family who ski and ride at an advanced intermediate level.

4. The Hike Access

Wow. I love the hike accessible terrain on Peak 6. The hike is not easy but always worth it. Unbelievable views stretching as far as the eye can see and some of the best skiing and riding out there. Choose your own adventure with Steeps, Chutes, Drops, Technical Lines and Open Bowls to the left and right.

5. Big Mountain Features

Why I love Peak 6 at BreckFrom Wonderland to the Six Senses, the new terrain is peppered with all sorts of awesome features including cliffs, wind drifts, chutes and lines. A playground of options and challenges for a snowboard athlete and powder enthusiast like myself.

6. The Wilderness Experience

The 543 new acres of Peak 6 feel a world away from the main infrastructure of the resort and town of Breckenridge. The White River National Forest  stretches into the backcountry for miles towards Frisco sealing in a different on mountain experience and true wilderness feel.

Did you get the chance to ride Peak 6 in its inaugural season? Let us know what you loved about the new peak in the comments below!

– Leslie Glenn

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  1. Hey Leslie,
    Thanks for sharing this. I got to go with some friends back in February this year and was blown away by the power and awe of the landscape. I consider myself an intermediate skier and was with three advanced boarders and another advanced intermediate skier. The Peak allowed us to have a great time with varied runs and jumps and trails for them to zoom through while I was able to enjoyably hang out on the blue runs.
    I would simply say this to any other advanced beginner – intermediate skiers, it's worth it!! Trust your equipment and don't ski alone- It makes for more fun and stories to share with your friends or family!
    Here's to 2016!!

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