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A member of the Breck Epic Team, Eric Willett accounts his journeys as a professional athlete here. To read more from Eric, search his name in the top right, or click here

I’ll start off by saying I am definitely not a good golfer by any means, do I wish I could be Bubba Watson? Of course I do! Who wouldn’t?! When I am out golfing, and finally get that one good drive, or chip onto the green, I may feel like him for a split second. Until I realize that was just to save a triple bogey. Although, that definitely does not stop me from having fun! Here are some of the tips I have gained in my very short golf career, though.

You can see three types of weather all at the same time on the Breck course here.
You can see three types of weather all at the same time on the Breck course here.

Here in Breck, the weather can change almost as quick as loving golf on the first tee, to hating it by the second tee. When setting up a tee time in Breck, you should bring an article of clothing for the sun, for the cold, and for the rain, you never know what you will get. Overall, the weather is mostly enjoyable!

My favorite time of day to golf at the Breck course would be anytime that allows me to finish a round before 3:00pm due to the common afternoon rain showers. It never seems to get “too hot,” which makes any time of day ideal.

The incredible views at the Breckenridge Golf Course.
The incredible views at the Breckenridge Golf Course.

This last tip depends on how motivated you are, but I definitely enjoy walking the golf course rather than driving it in a cart. When driving a cart, I tend to just go straight from the tee to my ball and not really look around to enjoy the ambiance of the course. While walking the course, I definitely get to enjoy the scenery that much more. When golfing here at the Breckenridge Golf Course there is an incredible 360 degree view. Who knows, you might even see a couple wild animals while you’re out on the course. Also, walking tends to help me focus more and gives me more time to concentrate on the game.

Last, whether you’re driving or walking, take special notice at hole 5 of The Bear course. This particular hole has one of the most incredible views. Therefore, when you get to the fairway turn around and look towards the mountains, and you will see the impeccable view of Breckenridge Resort. It’s awesome!

— Eric Willett


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