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The new Breck Guides program at Breckenridge Ski Resort allows you to create a customized experience that will change the way you look at the mountain. Special guides are available to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to successfully traverse backcountry and advanced alpine environments. If you’ve ever wanted to find the best snow on the slopes, the Breck guide program is a surefire way to teach you how to safely travel in backcountry terrain and find untouched snow on a powder day.

We interviewed Randy Brooks on the Breckenridge Ski and Ride team to get more insight into the new offering, and to understand his favorite aspects of the Breck Guide program.

What sets Breck Guides apart from other Ski School products?

I believe what sets this product apart is the ability to have the client on the lift before the general public, and give them a feel for what the mountain can be like during a more quiet time. We focus on education about the mountain, terrain, snow and weather; and how to navigate it all for the optimal experience. The staff we use for this product represent a group of pros with experience, training and credentials that go beyond what you find in a normal ski school staff.

What is your favorite or most interesting part about guiding?

For me the most interesting thing is always the client. They each bring a unique set of expectations and a knowledge base that helps us co-create an experience that is specific to that day. The relationships that we are building with Lift-Ops and Patrol to support the early loads, and being able to sit in on morning meetings, have been a source of fun and learning for our respective staff as well. The cooperative dynamic that is developing from it is very healthy for the Resort as well.

Tell us about some of the things we can experience with a Breck Guide?

Some of the topics that we can work the client through are: basic beacon and probe use, elementary snow science and avalanche considerations, secret stashes at Breck, aspect and timing, and considerations for finding the best snow. These experiences come in two forms: the Grand Tour (All Day) and The Grand Tour Lite (Half Day).

What are some examples of the terrain that can be accessed in this program?

The terrain we can access is anything inside the boundary ropes depending on the skill and fitness level of the client.

How does this program help skiers/riders progress and take their riding to the next level?

This program can take skiers and riders to the next level by helping them understand their own capabilities in a mountain environment. We teach them how to scout out a line in the Lake Chutes or on the new Peak 6, how to spot were hidden rocks are located, and how to move around the mountain from a timing perspective to get the best snow (particularly now that we are getting into the freeze/thaw cycles of spring).

How did you get into guiding?

I got into guiding by having the desire to explore new terrain with friends. We skied Peaks 10, 7 and 6 all before they were a part of the resort. Some other experiences that have lead me to guiding have been Cat and Heli-skiing in BC and Alaska, and seeing how those guides operate and the relationships they were able to cultivate with clients.

Who do you think the right person is for this type of clinic? 

The right people for this product are those who have the desire to learn more about themselves and the mountain environment and are capable of skiing at an 8 and 9 level. Skiing to that level means they are mentally comfortable on Black and Double Black terrain. That said, our staff will always have the final say in what the terrain/ safety threshold is for any client.

Backcountry/Sidecountry is the fastest growing segment of the snowsports industry. One of the basic premises of this program is to have a product that can begin to educate those with the desire to explore, and to guide them towards those programs that can help educate them more so that if and when they go outside the ropes they have the right level of knowledge. We live in one of the most dangerous avalanche zones in North America and the world. We have a resort that gives a complete set of terrain features that represent almost anything you will find anywhere. It’s the perfect fit.

Do you want the best snow, an advanced education in backcountry travel, and access to the most secret of  stashes? Hire your personal Breck guide today by calling 1.800.356.3972.


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