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GoPro Big Mountain Challenge [video]

They came, they scoped, they conquered. Yesterday Breckenridge had the inaugural GoPro Big Mountain Challenge. Young men and women from 12-18 years old came out to the IFSA sanctioned event and skied lines on Peak 6 that have likely never been hit. Huge double stage drops and spins off cliffs were some of the highlights for the day. Peak 6 is skiing incredibly well right now. If you haven’t made it out yet, now is the time. Make sure to tune in to all of the Spring Fever events here in Breck.


Event Results:

Girls 15-18 Ski
1st: Caroline Hardy, Team Summit
2nd: Maggie Cleaver,  Winter Park Big Mountain Team
3rd: Nicky Wagner, Team Summit

Boys 15-18 Ski
1st: Grifen Moller, Team Summit
2nd: Stuart Edgerly, Team Summit
3rd: Pierce McCrerey, Team Summit

Girls 12-14 Ski
1st: Toni Hardy, Team Summit
2nd: Sadie Grimm, Team Summit
3rd: Alex Carey, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

Boys 12-14 Snowboard
1st: Cole Miller, IFSA Independent
2nd: Cole Mossman, Winter Park Big Mountain Team

Boys 12-14 Ski
1st: Jaxin Hoerter, IFSA Independent
2nd: Brock Arends, Team Summit
3rd: Jason Tilley, Team Summit

–Michael Suleiman

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  1. Mike Beaudoin

    nailed it…..

  2. excellent

  3. 360's are what GoPro was made for!

  4. John Kirkpatrick

    That is impressive!

  5. 1:25 … GRIFEN!!!

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