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Banks Gilberti’s guide to Peak 6

Banks Gilberti is a member of the Breck Epic Team. He talks about life in Breck, skiing, competing, and more here. 

With the Peak 6 addition to Breckenridge this season we saw a massive expansion in terrain, and not just some casual cruiser trails, but 22 brand new black diamond and double black diamond trails. With so much extreme terrain added to the equation Breck has really become a one stop shop for all levels of skiers. From beginners to experts there is a little bit of something out there for everyone.

Early mornings, with a fresh layer of snow on the ground, head up Peak 7’s Independence chair where you have a great line of sight to the new terrain. At this point in the morning, excitement really starts to build up! Adodds_20140414_Peak6_00908

I personally like to take a warm up leg burner down Monte Cristo which puts you right at the brand new Zendo chair. From there you let the chair lifts do the work as you gaze at the extensive terrain looming above you.

Now if I had to pick a favorite run on Peak 6 it would be a toss up, I’d start with the quick hike above Kensho chair and either branch out right to take a truly breathless ride on the farthest possible run to the resort boundry line, properly named… Breathless. Or if I was feeling something short and sweet with extremely steep terrain I’d head left off of the hike above Kensho and take a rip down Sublime. No matter where you head on Peak 6 it’s guaranteed to be an adventure packed full of good turns and beautiful views.


— Banks Gilberti

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