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Top people to follow on Instagram

Asher Humphreys

To a professional park snowboarder like Asher Humphreys, social media is a piece of the game you have to play. Asher is a member of the Breck Epic Team and calls Breck home. Here are his choices of the top athletes, companies, and other interesting people to follow on Instagram.


  • Alana Blanchard
    She deserves a nice follow because, who doesn’t like surfer girls? She’s beautiful, posts great pictures, and always keeps you updated on what she is doing.




Silje Norendal on Instagram
Silje Norendal on Instagram

The most attractive female snowboarder alive. If you’re not already following her, give her a nice little follow on both Instagram and Twitter. She has the best smile, and its always exciting seeing what her life as a professional snowboarder is like.


  • Mark McMorris
    The best competitive slope style snowboarder to date. Follow Mark and all the journeys he makes around the world competing, having fun and living the life.




  • Breckenridge Ski Resort
    Want snow reports every morning, and beautiful pictures of the amazing sunsets that happen in Breckenridge? Follow Breckenridge to keep you posted on your best family resort.



  • Ryan Sheckler
    The pretty boy of skateboarding. Ryan posts mad selfies, awesome skateboarding pictures and always tells you what he is doing. Follow the teenage heartthrob and learn more about the life of a professional skateboarder.



  • Sage Kotsenberg
    The king of SPOICE. Everyone’s favorite American snowboarder, Sage is always having the most fun on his snowboard and filling us in on the way.



  • Torstien Horgmo
    The first to land a triple cork, Torstien is one of the most stand out snowboarders in the game. Posting fun little edits all the time, and getting you stoked to get on a snowboard yourself.



  • Asher Humphreys
    Want to be along for the ride of a up-and-coming-snowboarder? Find out what a young snowboarder’s life is like by following me. I post great photos, and always try to have as much fun as possible, and I want to be one of the best.


Again this is all coming from an 18 year old guy who loves snowboarding and girls. Check all these people on instagram. Let us know who you think are the top people and brands to follow.

–Asher Humphreys

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