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A woman’s guide to Breckenridge

Women in Breck

Whether you’re coming for a bachelorette party, to bond with a few good friends, or on your own, Breckenridge offers the perfect mix for a girls’ trip away. Or for a mom coming with her family. Or for an adventurous solo mountain diva. Here’s why:

The Mountain

Who says the tradition of an annual ski vacation has to be relegated to the dudes? Some of my best friendships were forged on chairlifts and on skis. My friends rip, and when it’s time to ditch our lives for a long weekend, we head to the high country.

In Breck, our go-to terrain is off of Peak 8’s Imperial Lift, which ascends to 12,840 feet above sea level. From the top of the lift, we boot pack to the top of Imperial Bowl, cruise the ridgeline, and drop into the Lake Chutes.

Don’t like double black diamonds? No problem. Beginner and intermediate skiers have a ton of terrain to choose from, including a lot of newly opened runs on Peak 6, Breck’s newest addition. Also—the Breckenridge ski school offers specialty womens camps and also has private group lessons. Grab your girlfriends and an instructor and have a custom “camp” if you don’t want to just ride on your own.

The Town

Girls in Breck during SpringThe question isn’t what to do in town; it’s how to do the town. Shopping abounds in Breck, as do the arts—galleries, shows, and, come springtime, outdoor concerts at Spring Fever (OK, that can also fall under “party.”).

The absolute don’t miss boutique is Arabella for unique fashion and really cute threads. Here’s a list of 10 must-see shops. Also, check out the Backstage Theater, which is currently showing “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” This show is to comic theater what powder is to your best day of skiing.


Another hard choice. With so many amazing restaurants in Breck, you’re likely to rue the fact that there are only three main meals a day. For breakfast and fresh-cooked pastries, hit up the Columbine Cafe. For a fancy dinner (and what girl’s trip is complete without a fancy dinner?), head to Ember, a contemporary eatery that’s off the beaten path.


One Ski Hill Place in Breckenridge, COOne Ski Hill Place. This is where the girls’ trip is different from the boys’. The rejuveination center here will relax, massage, steam, and cleanse you and your girlfriends. In the best way possible.


Take a look at the crowd at one of Breck’s infamous outdoor concerts, and you are likely to see a sea of beautiful women shaking their booties. In general, chicks dig dancing (there are always exceptions to the rule, of course). Get a group of women together, add music and a few cocktails, and you have yourself a dance party. If that sounds fun (and of course it does), cruise the event calendar online and pick your event(s) of choice. Hint: don’t miss Spring Fever.

And there you have it. Breckenridge for the ladies is like Breckenridge for everyone else, except it’s maybe a little more fun. Right?

– Rachel Walker

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