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Preparing for expert terrain

You are rapidly advancing in the world of skiing and Peak 6 extreme terrain is calling your name. You know you can handle it, but may want a few additional tips to point you in the right direction.

Know your ability:

Make sure you know that you can handle this type of terrain. You should already be a proficient black skier to start thinking about making the hike up to Lake Chutes or to Six Senses. There are plenty of other challenging options at Breckenridge that don’t require a hike and potentially dangerous terrain.

Bring an expert:

When possible bring someone who has experience skiing on riding this type of terrain. They will encourage you and give you the extra confidence you may need (unless they are your overly competitive half brother, in which case you may be better off skiing in solitude for the day). Additionally, There are guides and instructors that can be sought out for the day at Breckenridge who can give you a few pointers.

Jim (aka bomber) explains more about high alpine terrain in this video.


As Jim said in the video fitness, fundamental skiing ability and watching the daily conditions plays a key role in skiing or riding the high alpine terrain at Breckenridge.

–Michael Suleiman 

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