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Eric Willett’s favorite snowboard accessories


A member of the Breck Epic Team, Eric Willett accounts his journeys as a professional athlete here. To read more from Eric, search his name in the top right, or click here

My favorite snowboard accessory is my GoPro, which has many other accessories in itself. To be specific, I currently film with a GoPro Hero 3 Plus, Black Edition. I never snowboard without it! It’s super small, so it can fit in any pocket without it being annoying. You just never know when you will be able to record something awesome.

GoProOne favorite accessory I use with my GoPro Camera, would be a 4 – 5 inch handle from the company named GoPole. This specific handle is pretty diverse, and easy to store a pocket in addition to the camera.

Another favorite accessory would be my helmet mount. The mount itself is about an inch and half long, and inch wide. It has a pretty subtle look, so even when you are not using your GoPro, others would never know it’s there.

Last, even though this may sound super cliche and nerdy, I would consider my phone one of my favorites as well. There is so much you can do on it that integrates into snowboarding that makes your experience that much cooler. Whether its posting photos on Instagram, or using Facebook to brag about snowboarding while your friends are working, or a checkign out a GPS app that can log all your vertical feet, speed, altitude, and time on the mountain. It’s pretty awesome!

— Eric Willett

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