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How to hit the features in Freeway terrain park

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When people look up at the Breckenridge terrain parks from the base of Peak 8, they can get caught in the Freeway stigma – the jumps are huge and the whole place is daunting – I mean it is the Dew Tour course, right? Well, don’t fret, Freeway isn’t as scary as you think! In fact, it’s probably one of the most fun places on earth, and nailing the tricks there will be very rewarding. Here’s a few steps that will guide you to hitting the best park in the nation and becoming an expert in no time.

Work your way up

Park Lane is a great resource for medium to expert park skiers. It has a variety of features, and its layout is one that will allow you to progress at your own rate. Master the jumps in Park Lane (all 6!), and you’ll be ready to tackle the ones in Freeway.

Freeway Lane at BreckWatch Others

One of the best ways to approach an unfamiliar feature such as a  jump or rail is to simply watch other skiers and snowboarders hit them. Not only can watching them show you the appropriate speed you will need to hit the features, but they can show you how to approach the jumps. Watch and learn!

Speed Check

One of the best ways to first approach a jump is by speed checking. Go into the jump as if you are going to hit it, but either stop at the top of it or cut out just in front of the jump. Doing this will give you an estimate of how fast to go into the jump.

Have Confidence

You can do it! Just because these jumps are bigger doesn’t mean you have to approach them differently! Be confident and know you can do it. You already have mastered the jumps in park lane, so know that you can inevitably hit these jumps!


– Cody Cirillo

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