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Eight reasons to get engaged in Breckenridge

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With Valentine’s Day behind us, and nothing but corn skiing, blue skies, late season powder dumps, and long days ahead – a ski bum could be forgiven for turning his (or her) thoughts to spring skiing. But if said ski bum is in love (not just with Breckenridge, but with another person) and is contemplating popping the big question, now is the time to get engaged in Breckenridge. Here’s why:

1. Element of surprise

She might just think you’re insisting on riding the Imperial Lift for the expansive views and gut-churning steeps on top. Why would she think anything else? When two people share a love of the mountains, fresh air, and Colorado skies, they forge their bond over adventure. Since this is already one of your favorite places, sear it in your memory as a very special place by dropping to one knee above 12,000 feet and making your proposal.

2. Beautiful, scenic locations

Not up for riding to the top of the mountains? No problem. Breckenridge abounds with beautiful scenery, comfortable restaurants, scenic overviews, and otherwise special places. Whether you want privacy or to organize a flash mob at the base of Peak 8, you will find the right spot in Breck to pop the question.

3. The food!

Getting engaged is exhilarating. Once the adrenaline wears off, you might find yourselves ravishingly hungry. This is a moment that demands a gourmet meal (at least according to this foodie), and Breckenridge delivers. Whether it’s the fresh sushi at Mountain Flying Fish, the upscale contemporary fare at Relish, or the classic delectable at Blue River Bistro, a good meal complements a decision to merge two lives. Hint: tell the waiter you just got engaged, and ask for a menu as a memento.

4. A stiff drink

Have you tried the bourbon made at Breckenridge Distillery yet? If not, what are you waiting for? If so, you know what I’m talking about. Get to the tasting room!

5. Scoping out the wedding venue

Wedding in Breck 2013The very first questions engaged couples are expected to answer are: when and where are you getting married? If you love the mountains—and of course you do since you got engaged here—strongly consider getting married in them. Sure, it might be a pain for Aunt Bertie to travel from Pennsylvania to 9,000 feet above sea level, but she’ll be glad to make the trip when she sees how happy you two are in Colorado’s high country. Breckenridge offers a full suite of wedding planning services, from modest to upscale.

6. Scoring deals

It’s no secret that hosting a wedding can get expensive. One reason for the high cost is simple supply and demand: many couples want to tie the knot in summer, which puts a premium on venues during those popular months. Breckenridge is beautiful year-round. And fall and winter weddings are wonderful. Now you can save money and host a unique wedding. Breckenridge is currently waiving the site fee at participating venues for weddings scheduled outside of the peak months. This may not be the most romantic thing you read regarding getting engaged, but it’s notable. Very notable.

7. Let them eat cake

Perhaps the best part of wedding planning is the cake tasting. This is where couples meet with bakers whose sole job seems to be to ply them with samples of moist, delicious cake and a variety of different icing options until they are as giddy as a kid who just ate all of his Halloween candy. Once you’re engaged, check in with the wedding planners at Breckenridge and schedule a tasting.

8. Absorbing Breckenridge’s magic

Perhaps you met at Eric’s Downstairs. Maybe you danced together at the T-Bar or found yourselves knee-to-knee on the Breck connect. Perhaps one of you introduced the other to Breck, slowly unveiling the mountain as your relationship deepened. Maybe you’ve spent this season getting non-stop face shots on Peak 6. Somehow, Breckenridge has become a special part of your relationship. Naturally. Breckenridge is a picturesque mining town with some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding nestled in a valley rimmed with jagged peaks. Love abounds here—love for nature, love for sport, love for one another. That’s special. So special, in fact, that a person would be hard pressed to find a better place to make such a significant commitment.

Have you gotten engaged in Breckenridge recently, or do you plan to? Let us know in the comments what you did and how it went. And congratulations!

–Rachel Walker


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