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The 2014 season’s best blue runs at Breck

2014 has been a powder year for Breckenridge! With all of the snow we have gotten in the last month, our intermediate runs are riding better than ever. Check out our favorite blue runs of the season and let us know what your favorite intermediate run is in the comments below.

Groomers, moguls and powder, you can do it all on some of the classic blue runs at Breck. 31% of the runs at Breckenridge are intermediate blues and offer something for everyone. Whether you are here for a season, or just a day, here are some of the classic blues not to be missed on the slopes.


The newest blue on the list offers a high alpine experience without the intense steep factor. Although steeper than most blues, Bliss puts you on top of the new Peak 6, giving you incredible views of the surrounding peaks and the new extreme terrain. Catch your breath, buckle those boots, strap on your board and head back down to Kensho SuperChair for another lap. To get to Bliss – head up the Zendo Chair to the Kensho SuperChair and take a left off the chair at the top of Peak 6.



This long run takes you from Peak 7 down to the base of Peak 8. Claimjumper is a perfect run for families or for anyone looking for a nice groomer with gorgeous views. To get to Claimjumper, head up Independence SuperChair and exit the chair to the left.

Dukes Run:

Starting out as a black and turning in to a Blue, Dukes offers the best of both worlds. Consistent moguls on the left side of the run are protected from the wind by large pine trees, while the right side of the run is groomed and open. Venture into the moguls and hop back on the groomer when the legs start feeling tired. Dukes is located to the skiers left of Rocky Mountain SuperChair. Exit off the right of the chair and ski down a short hill on the left.

Upper Lehman:

Another lengthy groomed run, this blue eventually turns into a green (Lower Lehman) just before the Falcon SuperChair. Take this run through a gully filled with dips and hills to Peak 10 or head all the way down to Quicksilver SuperChair on Peak 9. To get to Upper Lehman take the Mercury Super Chair and exit left once at the top.


Now that you know our favorite blue runs, what are some of your favorites?

For a better idea of what our mountain looks like, check out ourĀ interactive map. To see a more comprehensive list of the best intermediate runs at Breck – view our Top 10 blue runs at Breck article.

–Michael Suleiman

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  1. Lower Lehman gets very flat at the bottom – requires you to cross-country ski. But anything of Peak 7 is a nice run

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