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Growing up in Great Britain, I was never actually a fan of English Tea, or black tea, even though the British Empire was built on cups of tea and its all my Mum drinks. Tea is definitely an acquired taste for some.

Tea remained a very important item in Britain’s global trade, contributing in part to Britain’s global dominance by the end of the eighteenth century. To this day, tea is seen worldwide as a symbol of ‘Britishness’, but also to some as a symbol of old British colonialism.

Since coming to the USA I have started drinking more tea, but I personally lean towards herbal teas and coffee. There are a ton of benefits to tea, which are well documented – and it is becoming very popular all over the world. Americans are now flocking to the warm liquid, and Breckenridge has embraced the tea-craze and provides tea-lovers with numerous options.

Below are a few of the best spots in Breck to relax and grab a cup o’ tea and reflect on the ski day.


The Crown Cafe Tavern in BreckThe Crown Tavern Cafe

The Crown Tavern Cafe is a very cozy spot to stop for all sorts of tea’s, pastries and light snacks. Along with the comfy seating they have great selection of games to keep you entertained. The Crown Tavern Cafe is located in the town of Breck at 215 S Main St, Breckenridge.


Vista Haus

If you’re out enjoying the awesome skiing and snow conditions on the mountain and need a warm cuppa, stop into the Vista Haus on Peak 8 and they have a great little Coffee/Tea Bar. It is a great way to warm yourself up after coming in from the cold.


There are a ton of other places for you to find tea, and more will continue to pop-up around town. Where are your favorite spots in Breck to get tea and relax?

– Nate Kern

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