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TenMile Flyer Zipline now open! [video]

Breck’s TenMile Flyer Zipline is now open for business! Reach speeds of up to 45 mph while sailing 50 feet in the air. For more information click here.

–Michael Suleiman

18 Responses

  1. So is it free?!

  2. Dede Axinn

    The only thing free is tht trail map.

  3. Dede Axinn EXACTLY!!

  4. Chico Senti

    10 miles??

  5. Jeff Robins

    Doesn't look like 10 miles to me.

  6. Why is it called 10 mile zip???

  7. Breckenridge sits in the "Ten Mile Range" area of the Rockies.

  8. Teri Voloshin

    What's he holding on to? A black stick?

  9. It's not 10 miles of zip line it sits in the 10 mile range. Hence just a name. The black "stick" he's holding has his go pro on the other end so he can film. And not many things in breck are free except walking around and looking. And yes, trail maps.

  10. The granola bar were free also!!

  11. The wand for the Go Pro he is using to film it!!!!

  12. I want to do that.wooo hoooooo

  13. What's with the smoke trails in the sky

  14. Gina Giebel

    WE'll do it for you. OR………… u can come here and di it yersel.!! 🙂 Hint hint. XXX

  15. Mike Tennent

    You have got to be kidding, right? If not, there are these big things called airplanes. People can actually ride in them. They have turbo jet engines on them which makes them fly though the air. The exhaust exiting the engines is actually very warm and the air at altitude is very cold. The warm air causes the water vapor to form clouds. Amazing isn't it?

  16. Mike lmao tell me more about the condinsation from those planes if that was the case and it was that much condinsation everytime a plane go by in freezing temp that condinsation would turn into snow but it doesn't so its not water vapor from here it looks like geoengeniring , aresol cloud seeding

  17. Beth McIntyre Sutherland

    it was a blast – so much fun and amazing views!

  18. oooooo if only,but I would really really luv a shotty at that.

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