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Breck Snow Sculpting Championships start next week

Snow Sculptures Breckenridge

Hey All! This is Carvin’ Marvin, of Carvin’ Marvin and the Snowflakes on Team USA Colorado. It’s Snow Sculpture Time again!

The Breckenridge Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships kick off next week as 16 teams from 12 countries vie for Gold, carving with their HANDS instead of their FEET like most on-mountain competitions!

This week they are busy constructing the massive 20-ton blocks of snow in the Riverwalk Center parking lot in the middle of Breck, which will be transformed over the 65-hour sculpting competition period into a glittering international spectacle of monumental artworks.

As one of the founders of the Internationals, I have been sculpting snow in Breckenridge for almost 35 years. Here is one of the little-known secrets that has made Breckenridge one of the premier snow sculpture venues on the planet. We are SO BLESSED to have the Breckenridge Ski Resort as a partner, who provides the BEST SNOW ON EARTH for us to work with, as they truck down snow from the mountain to be used by the competitors. Seriously! Clean, uniform, moisture-controlled man-made snow provides a pure white canvas that allows the sculpting artists to push the envelope of this artform and achieve sculptures that you would never attempt in most other competitions.

Snow SculptingA perfect example of this for me is one of my favorite sculptures, “Discovery” which won us the Gold Medal in 2006, pictured to the right. It was a puppy seeing its reflection for the first time in the mirror. The key element was the picture frame, without which the sculpture would have been meaningless. This meant that we had to sculpt the top bar of the frame in a 12 foot horizontal beam of COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED snow, and have it remain standing for two weeks! This had never been accomplished before in competition, and is a dramatic tribute to the unique and brilliant sculpting conditions in Breckenridge.


Thanks Breckenridge Ski Resort for the BEST SNOW ON EARTH that we carve with our FEET and our HANDS! Interested in attending the event? The schedule is below!


Breckenridge Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships 2014 Schedule:

– Stomping Week: 1/13/2014 – 1/17/2014

– Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships: 1/21/2014 – 1/25/2014

– Snow Sculpture Viewing Week (weather permitting): 1/26/2014 – 2/2/2014


I look forward to seeing everyone at the Breck Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships!

– Rob Neyland


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