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10 more inches, 22 in the last two days [video]

8 inches of new snow fell last night, bringing our total over the last 48 hours to 22 inches. The skiing and riding is top notch, especially in the Super Connect terrain. T-bar and Imperial lifts are closed for the day, so expect some excellent conditions tomorrow! If you’re not in Breck right now… get here!

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  1. Glenn Plomchok


  2. Marita Gomez-Sanchez Anderson


  3. Jealous! Hope the snow keeps falling for another month and a 14 days straight so i can get my own 5 days of powder!

  4. Harold Tyber

    This about sums it up.

  5. Will be there this weekend. Yupie.

  6. Nate Dogggg looking like a Beast!

  7. Danika, when do we move back again? 😉

  8. Michael Le Page

    Hi Harold, sounds like we will have good timing for Aaron's and Elliot's visit.

  9. Nate Dogwithfourg's 😀

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